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Brain Injury Society

Chaina Radomsky Hochman and Edythe Hochman Fogel
Bikur Cholim
Serving Acquired and Traumatic
Brain Injury Individuals and their Families
1901 Avenue N - Suite 5E
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-645-4401
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.virtualtrials.com/bc


Kayla Menucha Fogel
Executive Vice
President / Founder

Executive Board

Martin S. Begun
MSB Strategies Inc.

Sandra Borenstein

Sidney Hirth
Hirth Real Estate

Malkah Illovitz, S.W.

Rabbi Israel S. Kivelevitz
Metropolitan Council On Homelessness

Reva Rapps, M.S.

Sonya Strassfeld

Advisory Board

William B. Barr, Ph.D.
Hillside Hospital
Long Island Jewish Hospital

Isaac Benzaquen, Ph.D.
South Oaks Hospital

Paul Berger-Gross, PhD
St. Mary's Hospital For Children

Allan Hausknecht, MD
Peninsula Hospital

Neera Kapoor, OD, MS
SUNY School Of Optometry

Gershon Ney, MD
Epileptologist /
Einstein Medical Center
Long Island Jewish Hospital

Rolland S. Parker, PhD
New York Academy Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Ross Phifer
Tech Financial Corp.

Edwin F. Richter, MD
Rusk Instit.
Rehabilitation Medicine

Jonathan M. Silver, MD
Neuropsychiatrist /
Lenox Hill Hospital

Esther Simon, Esq.

Mark Ylvisaker, Ph.D.

Corporate Counsel
Marcia R. Eisenberg, Esq.

Philip Brownstein, C.P.A.


Brain Injury Society Chaina Radomsky Hochman Edythe Hochman Fogel Bikur Cholim, Inc. was incorporated as a Not for Profit on December 18,1997 and designated as a federal tax-exempt organization on May 22, 1998. The corporate council is by Marcia Eisenberg, Esq. Of Jewish Community Relations Council, New York, NY and the accountant is Philip Brownstein, C.P.A. of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

This Bikur Cholim was named after the founder's (K. Menucha Fogel), grandmother and mother. Chaina Radomsky Hochman and Edythe Hochman Fogel. Both of who dedicated much of their lives to help Jews in unfortunate circumstances.

Chaina Radomsky Hochman was widowed in 1940 and served the East New York Neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. After the end of WWII, she assisted in helping obtain housing, medical care and clothing for newly arriving Jews. In 1955, Chaina Hochman moved to Israel and lived in Mayer Shaeream on 15 Rochev Hayeshiva. The years were spend assisting the hospitals, orphanages and local religious groups with obtaining donations, and care for widows/widowers, orphans and medical care for families and general needs for families on the lower end of the economic level. Those Chaina Radomsky Hochman had helped often visit her Caver at Har Hamenuchas. Chaina Radomsky Hochman died on the 18th of Tammuz

Edythe Hochman Fogel was a chazzan's wife. Whatever town along the Eastcoast that her husband was positioned, Edythe Hochman Fogel visited Jews in the local hospitals and in the towns. Thursdays and were set aside to cook and bring to the hospital for them to have an assemblance of Shabbos. Weekly visits were scheduled as to visit and assist those who could not shop or transport themselves to medical offices. Starting in 1955 to her death in 1980, clothing and donations were collected for Israel. Clothing packages and major donations were sent to Chaina Hochman list of institutions in Israel to be distributed to children and widows/widowers. All the years that her husband had a position outside of New York City, her three children went to yeshiva. One particular yeshiva was 18 miles one way. For several years the return home for her children was 3 buses, 2 ½ mile walk from one bus to another and then at the last bus stop l 1/10 mile walk to there home. Edythe Hochman Fogel taught her children that going to a yeshiva so many miles away was an adventure that they would appreciate later in life. This was a seven-year adventure for her children. After returning to Brooklyn in 1964, Edythe Hochman Fogel worked with her children's yeshivas and her shul with fundraising and Bikur Cholim issues. Edythe Hochman Fogel died on the 19th of Tammuz.