Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in providing a guest post for BI Society. We currently accept original posts that will interest our medical and health information readers.  Before submitting your pitch, please read the following guidelines as that will increase the chances of your article being published:

* The article needs to have a solid structure and be well written.  The article must be informative, yet intriguing to keep readers interested.

* Please proof-read and edit your post BEFORE submission because we have little time for editing.  If the article has spelling and/or grammatical errors, it will be returned for further editing or simply will not be published.

* The article must pertain to medical and/or health information or it will not be accepted.

* Post must be between 500 and 900 words in length.  If you have a topic that cannot be addressed in less than 900 words, mention in your pitch to us that you are interested in doing an article series.

* Article content MUST BE ORIGINAL! This means that the article cannot be published on any other website even if it was published a long time ago.  Submissions will be checked for plagiarism.  If you have been accepted to submit your post you also agree not to publish the content of your article on another website in the future.

* You will be allowed to put as many authority (citation) links in the body of your text as is necessary to properly reference facts, but the content of those sites must relate to your post.  These links will be checked and taken out or changed at our discretion.  We do not tolerate links to inappropriate sites.

* In your 2-3 sentence Bio, you may include a link back to your website.

Structure of Posts:

* Keep your paragraphs short.  Generally 2-3 sentences per paragraph is ideal to make it more reader friendly.

* You don’t have a lot of room to expand on your topic so get to the point and do it in an interesting and reader friendly way.

* Post should be friendly, yet professional. Avoid using jargon, slang, and common words you would use when texting.

* Use lists to articulate information when it makes sense to break up the article.  Readers are more likely to look at a list at a glance.

* Include pictures to break up text. Please do not copy these pictures from the internet.

To pitch an article topic, send us an email with the subject: Guest Post Submission.  In your email please include the title of your article and a brief description of what you will be writing about.  Please include your bio as well.

If we believe your article suggestion is a good fit for BI-Society, we will notify you by email with further instructions.

We appreciate your interest in and hope to hear from you soon!