Legal Help-Estate Planning and Wills

Legal Encyclopedia-Over 200 products. Nolo’s mission is to increase the average person’s access to the law. When the company began back in 1971, a book was the best way to put the law into people’s hands. So Nolo published paperbacks that gave folks the step-by-step instructions and forms they needed to handle day-to-day legal tasks. Now this information is available online.

Head Injury Law Firm-Nelson Tyler Langer (Telephone: 206-623-7520) are a law firm dedicated to helping people receive the medical care and compensation they deserve after suffering the effects of a brain injury, spinal cord injury or other serious injury following an accident.

Hospice Patients Alliance-Resuscitation, DNR Orders, CPR in hospice Orders, Power of Attorney Forms, Advanced Directives. Making decisions ahead of time, filling out Advanced Directive forms and using DNR forms to clarify the patient’s wishes has many benefits, and it is important to realize, the patient can change his Advanced Directive or DNR form at any time, simply by making his wishes known to the physician, other hospice staff or other adults.

Protection and Advocacy Services-Adults-Montana Protection & agencies in several states have published useful manuals describing the use of health care directives in their states. See, e.g., Melissa Daar, Tracy Nelson and Daniel Pone, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Manual: An Advocacy Tool for Mental Health Consumer Empowerment and Patient Choice, (1994) (available from Protection and Advocacy, Inc., Sacramento, CA.) and Equip for Equality, Inc., The Mental Health Treatment Preference Declaration (1996) (available from Equip for Equality, Inc., Chicago, IL.)

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