Natural Cures For Brain Injuries

If you’ve ever been in a severe accident and had damage that caused a brain injury you know how devastating it can be to heal and overcome. For some, healing can be a long and stressful journey. An injury to the brain affects your thinking, your mobility, and daily function. Many suffer through brain injuries after traumatic events like a hard fall, a knock to the head, and a concussion. Brain injuries are no laughing matter. They leave the victim feeling helpless and in much pain, and sometimes permanently handicapped. It is frustrating to find oneself helpless after trauma, yet studies show that you can find a level of healing through nutrition.

The saying, “Let food be thy medicine” is a true one. Studies show that a proper diet can help brain injury victims rehabilitate. Aside from physical therapy and exercise, food can be both a source of healing and a gentle yet effective way to increase brain function during recovery. There are also supplements that victims can take to soothe trauma. Let’s explore some of those!

The following is a list of natural supplements that help increase brain function

Turmeric This orange-colored powder is a spice used in India that helps reduce inflammation and fight disease. Curcumin is the special ingredient in turmeric which relieves inflammation and promotes effective blood flow throughout the body to ensure enough oxygen flow to the brain. It can be taken in capsule form or sprinkled on food adding a unique flavor to meals.

Omega 3 fats If you want to reduce the chance of permanent damage to the brain after an injury, taking omega is your best bet. Not only does omega 3 fats helps nerve

Vitamin B This vitamin specifically boosts metabolism and affect the brain and nervous system function. You can never go wrong with multivitamins, that supply the body with extra vitamins that it may be lacking, and strengthen immune system function to help the mind and body heal and restore.

Foods that promote healthy brain function

Healthy food is the way to go to promote health to the mind and body. Health food snacks like trail mix, apples, cheese, hard-boiled eggs and energy bars are healthy and kind options for improving health and wellness while you’re in recovery. Proteins like fish, eggs, nuts, and lean meats are also believed to help aid head injury victims. Patients should avoid carbohydrates at all costs since sugar intake can induce headaches.

Take it slow and easy

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury, consider taking healthy steps to allow for healing. You may want to contact a nutritionist to help guide you and direct to the appropriate supplements for your specific situation. If you are experiencing pain from a brain injury, acupuncture may be a way to target and relieve damage and pain while you’re in recovery. Proper rest, exercise, and positive thinking is believed to help the healing and rehabilitation process. Take each recovery day at a time and be kind to yourself. Remember that healing takes time. Be patient and stay positive!

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