Signs of a Birth Injury and What to Do Next

signs of birth injury

Injuries that happen at birth can be a scary experience for both parents and their babies. Complications at birth can lead to permanent damage if not treated immediately. Disabilities, disfigurement, brain trauma and even paralysis are all possibilities. While in some cases symptoms can be seen right away, in others they may not pop up until early childhood or developmental stages.

Birth Injury: What You May Notice

Some of the symptoms that may be immediately apparent include having an arched back while crying, breathlessness, excessive drooling, lethargy, seizures, fever, wheezing, poor weight gain, low heart rate, and low oxygen levels in the blood.

Some of the signs that may appear during development include a delay in motor skill development, poor coordination or difficulties in walking, lack of muscle control, and intellectual disabilities.

What to Do Next

It can be an incredibly overwhelming feeling if you begin to notice these signs in your baby. In many cases, however, your child can live a normal and healthy life if the complications are addressed quickly.

When a newborn suffers an injury during delivery or immediately after birth, it may be due to the negligence or malpractice of a doctor or nurse. While in some situations a birth injury can occur naturally, if you believe malpractice played a role it’s important to take action quickly.

According to a personal injury attorney, if your baby experiences a birth injury, the first priority should be getting him or her the necessary treatment. When you hire a lawyer to take care of the logistics, you free up time to give your baby the care they need.

A Final Note

Treatment of birth injuries can also be incredibly costly from a financial standpoint. If you do file a claim, you could receive compensation for damages such as medical expenses and emotional pain and suffering.

These situations can be severe, and it’s crucial to have someone you trust fighting for you and your baby. If you believe your newborn or child has suffered a birth injury, take action as quickly as possible. Reach out to your doctors as well as a compassionate injury lawyer who will advocate on your behalf.


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