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Social Security Disability Benefits for Brain Injuries

Severe brain injuries that cause lasting impairments are qualified for disability benefits. Meeting the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) eligibility requirements means you must satisfy both the medical and the technical criteria in order to receive benefits. Qualifying Brain Injuries There are a number of brain injury types that qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and the SSA actually does not distinguish between them when it comes to evaluating a disability claim. While a definitive diagnosis of the form of brain injury is required for approval, the SSA reviews all brain injuries under the listing for cerebral trauma, which appears in Section 11.08 of the Blue Book. Traumatic Brain Injury …

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Social Security Disability and Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a debilitating condition that decreases the ability of the addict to successfully function at home and work.  Those under the influence of drugs or alcohol exhibit symptoms such as drowsiness, slurred speech, poor judgment, paranoia, confusion, and the inability to concentrate.  For many addicts these symptoms result in a reduction in productivity in the workplace to the point where the addict is unable to sustain meaningful employment.  Some believe that this incapacitating result of addiction is comparable to the debilitating effects of health conditions unrelated to drug addiction in that the end result is the inability to effectively function in the workplace.  However, the Social …

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