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We were recently contacted with a request through our TBI Awareness Facebook page, to guest post a round-up of Traumatic Brain Injury resources. We loved this request and gladly accepted.

A traumatic brain injury is life-changing, debilitating, scary, and often times not understood. However, through it all, we’ve learned that the community that surrounds traumatic brain injury is one of inclusion, support and most importantly hope.

The following are resources that our team has found or been introduced to since the beginning of our journey in 2012. We highly recommend that you check these out if you are looking for inspiration, hope, data, friends, understanding or anything else TBI-related.

TBI Survivor Posts/Blogs

Surviving Brain Injury - “I was thrust, completely against my will into the silent and frightening world of traumatic brain injury.” Freelance writer David Grant’s raw and honest account of life after TBI.

Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury -  Amy Zellmer, Huffington Post blogger who suffered a TBI and lives to bravely tell her story.

The Brain Fairy - A fierce compilation of resources, blog posts and personal insight from TBI survivor “Mina Kitty”. Must-read for TBI survivors.

Constant Therapy - “Understanding the Brain Science Behind Stroke, Brain Injury, Aphasia, Dementia, & Learning Disorders” a series of great resources and therapeutic ideas for brain injury survivors. They also have an app you can view here.

Adventures in Brain Injury - “Adventures in Brain Injury is a resource for health, recovery, and community created by traumatic brain injury survivor, Cavin Balaste”. We love Cavin’s spirit and tenacity — and especially appreciate the podcasts on his website.

New Life in an Old World - The story of Matt and Danielle Davies. A couple whose love triumphed over all things - including Matt’s TBI. We recommend this blog specifically to caregivers.

Statistics, Infographics, and Data

CDC Statistics on Brain Injury Statistics and fact sheet on TBI from the Centers for Disease Control - the most widely shared statistics on web.

Brain Trauma Foundation - In addition to statistics on TBI, this page offers statistics on comas, concussions and brain injury news.

Recognizing Brain Injury [INFOGRAPHIC] We love this infographic because it points out all the signs and symptoms of TBI in one polished package. We love it so much, it is hanging in our pantry for babysitter notes.

TBI By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] An in-depth visual on the statistics noted above.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Kids - How it Effects School Performance [INFOGRAPHIC] This is a great resource for educators and parents on understanding just how imperative understanding TBI is for our children.

Neuroplasticity Body’s Back Up System [INFOGRAPHIC] This resource is the full package - from understanding brain function, to TBI and ”brain-isms” this one has it all.


Pinterest is a hub of all sorts of different resources. Whether you are looking for blogs, apps, infographics, quotes or even other “pinners” that are interested in brain injury. We have found it to be a wealth of information.

Pinners We Follow

Ed Todd - A TBI survivor has compiled this great bank of articles and tips for TBI survivors.Ed also pins many great articles relating to mental health that we highly recommend!

Wendy Renzulla Heitkamp “TBI LIfe Coach” - If you need a little inspiration in your day, check out this board! Featuring inspirational quotes, insight and cognitive therapy ideas for TBI survivors and caregivers.

Deborah Bailey Another great board full of pins ranging in quotes, TBI articles and most notably to us is the books that Deborah references.

Heather Shepard Heather has been thrust into the world of TBI as a caregiver and pins great resources that other caregivers will find helpful, insightful and interesting!

Doing a simple search for “TBI” allows you to see additional live TBI-related pins.

Facebook Pages

BrainLine - As one of the biggest influencers in TBI, Brainline’s Facebook page is a great way to stay in-the-know about the latest in TBI news, breakthroughs and survivor stories.

Traumatic Brain Injury Support group - Updated with posts from members about their journeys, this is a great page for survivors, caregivers and supporters of TBI.

Bridging The Gap: Connecting Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors “This is a gathering place for resources and information for TBI survivors and caregivers.” We love this page because it has it all - inspirational quotes, stories, news, freebies to try in the recovery process, and much more!

TBI Hope & Inspiration

Find more pages on brain injury here.

Facebook Groups

TBI Survivors and Caregivers Support Group This group is a great resource for information on TBI from both the caregiver and survivor standpoint and offers its members an open platform to discuss anything TBI-related.

Traumatic Brain Injury Healing & Recovery Support Group Another great group for finding support, comfort, understanding and friends in similar situations.

TBI/ABI/HEAD INJURY “SURVIVOR’S ONLY” GROUP FOR VENTING/TALKING!!! As stated in the title, this group is for survivors only. It gives a shoulder to lean on and an opportunity to talk freely, with no barriers or judgment.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans PTSD, TBI, and Physical Wounds GROUP “We are here simply to support each other in our efforts to adjust to the experiences and consequences of military service.” Great group for Veterans who are looking for support and understanding.

LIFE AFTER BRAIN INJURY- FRIENDSHIP, SUPPORT, AND LAUGHTER  “This group is for anyone who survived a brain injury or a caregiver of a brain injured individual to come together in a closed forum.” If you are looking for a group centered around hope and life after TBI, we highly recommend this one.


Twitter is a great place to the latest updates on TBI-related information from sources you trust and/or enjoy right to your feed. Here are some accounts we recommend following:

Brain Injury Association of America and Brain Injury Hub - All-things TBI - from resources, to cognitive therapies, webinars, news and stories. A great way to stay informed!

TryMunity - “We are an web-based social networking site supporting #TBI survivors and their families. You Never Fail Until You Stop TRYing.” Great TBI community!

You can also get real-time updates by using hashtags plus keywords. Such as: #BrainInjury or #TBI.

Brain Injury Aids and Apps

QCard - “Created by an ABI survivor, for ABI survivors. Qcard strengthens your memory, enhances your organizational skills, improves your time management and helps regain your independence.”

Recall Guide - Allows you to track all medications, receive up-to-date information on recalls and be part of an active social community communicating about their experiences with certain medications.

Evernote - Multiple apps to help maintain independence such as Grocery Trip which allows you to make grocery lists and be sure no items are forgotten, iHealth where you can track important medical information and vitals.

Lumosity - A wealth of brain games to help with brain growth and memory.

Toodledo - To help with organization and remembering tasks. Available on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Brainline.org has created a great, in-depth list of apps you can view here for additional ideas.

  • Note we tried to specifically note those that are free, while some offer paid versions - we have found the free versions - when offered -  to be more than substantial and recommend trying those first.

The most amazing thing that we have learned through our communication, introductions and research on brain injury is that when you ask for help it will find you in the form of other survivors, caregivers, researchers.

Please add websites, influencers or pages that you find to be inspirational in the comments section and be sure to like TBI Awareness on Facebook and on Twitter.

Ashley Krohn is a new mom, sports enthusiast, iced coffee fanatic and animal lover. She enjoys writing about topics relating to health, family and advocating for traumatic brain injury and Preeclampsia awareness. Like her TBI page at https://www.facebook.com/TBIShareYourStory and follower her on Twitter @TBIAwarenessCam

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