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Keeping Your Child Safe During Warmer Weather Sports

When warmer weather arrives, your kids are antsy to get outside and enjoy the weather. As a parent, stuck in the house with your children all winter, there’s a good chance you strongly encourage their interest in getting more activity. While some kids are content to hop on their bikes and ride to the park, others are eager to sign up for warm weather sports.   Although there are numerous benefits to playing organized sports, such as learning to be part of a team (as winners or losers), how to deal with pressure, and staying healthy, sports (particularly contact sports) can be dangerous. The Potential Dangers of Youth Sports   …

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Brain Injury in Athletes

Have you ever considered what life is like for the millions of people who currently live with a traumatic brain injury? There is so much that one cannot ever imagine in these situations unless you are personally affected by it. Unfortunately, this is the everyday reality for many. Yet, sometimes doctors do not even realize this. This is partly why Traumatic Brain Injury is called the Silent Epidemic.   No MRI, No TBI   Millions of Americans are affected and suffering in silence; some of which are not even recognized as being real instances of the effects of brain injury. This is because these injuries do not always show up …

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Preventing Brain Injuries During Winter Activities

Whether you like to snowshoe after a big snowstorm, play a casual game of ice hockey, or hit the slopes on the weekends, winter activities are abundant and are a great way to ward off “cabin fever” during the seemingly long winter months. However, as with any physical activity there is a risk of receiving a brain injury, particularly with ice and snow creating hazardous conditions. Although the danger of a head injury is real and can happen at any time, there’s no reason not to go out and enjoy the snowy season; just exercise caution. Brain Injuries Aren’t Just Sport-Related Injuries   The media is filled with news of …

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How TBI Can Happen in the Workplace

The Brain Injury Institute reports that traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens in the workplace more frequently and easily than you might expect. Even if you work in an office “cubicle” environment, you could trip on the corner of a desk or slip on coffee your coworker spilled and suffer serious brain injury. According to the institute, approximately 20% of all on-the-job TBI occurs from falling on surfaces that are wet or uneven or that contain out-of-place objects. Although motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of TBI, falls are in second place and slowly climbing statistically. This may be due in part to the fact that the number of workers …

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Car Shopping? Look for Safety Features to Prevent Head Injury

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, whether new or used, one of your main objectives should be safety and the features that can protect you and your loved one in an accident. Head and brain injuries, and injuries to the neck are some of the most common and serious physical harm sustained by people involved in automobile accidents. Depending on the severity of the traffic collision, you may sustain a mild, moderate, or severe head injury, even if there is no outward sign of damage. Neck injuries can range from whiplash and strains to serious problems such as cervical dislocation. Choosing a vehicle with a full complement of safety features …

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