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Emotional Affects of Brain Injury

It can be incredibly difficult to understand a traumatic brain injury if you’ve never experienced one first-hand. Not only can brain injuries can affect a person’s thinking and memory, sensations and communication, but they can also play a role in emotional instability. Whether your injury was minor or severe, it could mean emotional fluctuations in some way or another. Emotional changes after a brain injury are not uncommon, and it’s important to have patience with those who fall victim in these situations. If you or a loved one does undergo a brain injury, prepare yourself for what may come. Though not everyone will experience these emotional fluctuations, it’s still important …

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Understanding and Healing from a Brain Injury

When sudden trauma causes damage to the brain, a traumatic brain injury occurs. All brain injuries are incredibly unique and can be caused by many different things. The head may hit violently against another object causing the brain to shake against the skull, or a sharp object may pierce through the bone and into the brain tissue. Loss of consciousness, confusion, headache, dizziness, and blurred vision are all symptoms that might be experienced. Understanding the Injury Brain injuries can be incredibly difficult to deal with not only for survivors but also for the family and friends who are helping them. If you undergo a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to …

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Helping Others Understand a Brain Injury

A brain injury can be life changing for the person who suffers from the injury and everyone in his or her life. While friends and family try to be supportive during a difficult time of transition and recovery, many individuals with a brain injury often struggle with conflicting emotions, a roller coaster of advances and setbacks, and may often feel alone and as if nobody can understand.   Although no one can truly understand what someone with a brain injury goes through, unless he or she has suffered one, too, trying to gain a better understanding can help brain injury survivors, as well as their family and friends. For Brain …

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Understanding Brain Injury Emotional Fluctuations

Once a person experiences a brain concussion, even if it appears to not be severe, can lead to traumatic brain injury. A person cannot be fully certain of having a TBI (traumatic brain injury) until correct examinations are made that provide a clear diagnosis. There have been many cases when people who experienced a minor or major head blow, go on with their lives, and forget all about the injury. Later they are plagued by debilitating side effects of that same injury. Their lives are completely changed, as the people around them cannot recognize the person anymore. This is because their emotions, temperament, and personality can change completely. Dealing with …

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