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Understanding and Healing from a Brain Injury

When sudden trauma causes damage to the brain, a traumatic brain injury occurs. All brain injuries are incredibly unique and can be caused by many different things. The head may hit violently against another object causing the brain to shake against the skull, or a sharp object may pierce through the bone and into the brain tissue. Loss of consciousness, confusion, headache, dizziness, and blurred vision are all symptoms that might be experienced. Understanding the Injury Brain injuries can be incredibly difficult to deal with not only for survivors but also for the family and friends who are helping them. If you undergo a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to …

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The Level of Pain & Injury from Slip and Fall Accidents

Sometimes people slip and fall, and the only thing they believe that they hurt is their pride. Others might not feel anything significant until the next day when they begin to feel pain, discomfort and limited range of motion. Those symptoms might mean something more serious. That is when it is time for them to be examined. When somebody trips and falls, it is also classified as a slip and fall injury. The physics of the two accidents are actually different though. When a person slips and falls, it is ordinarily caused by a foreign substance that makes a walking surface slippery. The person usually falls backward. In a trip …

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Challenges of an Invisible Disability

Unless you live with a disability, you may not truly understand the challenges and stigmas that individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis. While many people assume that a disability is characterized by its “visibility” (such as a limp, physical disfigurement, or use of a wheelchair), there are many other disabilities that exist, but are less obvious or are even invisible. According to Donna Nesselbush, social security disability attorney at Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP, an individual with a disability may be struggling with a long term illness or may be receiving social security disability due to a recent injury that prevents one from working.   Disability has many faces …

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