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Challenges of an Invisible Disability

Unless you live with a disability, you may not truly understand the challenges and stigmas that individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis. While many people assume that a disability is characterized by its “visibility” (such as a limp, physical disfigurement, or use of a wheelchair), there are many other disabilities that exist, but are less obvious or are even invisible. According to Donna Nesselbush, social security disability attorney at Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP, an individual with a disability may be struggling with a long term illness or may be receiving social security disability due to a recent injury that prevents one from working.   Disability has many faces …

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Lead to Death and Disability

The suicides of famous NFL players such as Junior Seau and Dave Duerson after years of coping with concussion damage caused by ferocious hits on the football field generate most of the headlines concerning traumatic brain injuries. But the fact is that all Americans, no matter their age, are susceptible to traumatic brain injuries, and such injuries are more common than you might suspect. Traumatic brain injuries contribute to 30 percent of all injury deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 138 Americans die each day from injuries that include TBIs. Bumps, blows or jolts to the head as well as penetrating head injuries that disrupt …

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