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Domestic Violence Counseling Center

Serving Acquired (Includes Traumatic)
Brain Injured Individuals and Their Families

Executive & National Office:
1901 Avenue N - Suite 5E, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Administrative & Support Services:
427 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Telephone & Helpline: 718-645-4401, 718-469-4100


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Brain Injury Trauma Counseling Center
Domestic Violence and Crisis Intervention

Brain Injury Society has opened counseling and diagnostic evaluation services to the victims of domestic violence. Brain Injury Society knows and understands the importance of Hands Helping Hands(c) assistance as one of the important links and methods in the recovery process.

Brain Injury Society often spearheads activities that are needed and necessary for the acquired brain injury population. Brain Injury Society has been a forthright champion with regard to individuals who have sustained a brain injury and who are desperately seeking a means to recover and lead successful lives again. After much time, investigating available counseling departments within Domestic Violence related centers, it was sad to learn that counseling for the individual and their family who have sustained brain injuries are not evaluated for traumatic brain injuries, nor are examinations done on the expert levels definitely necessary and so vital in the recovery process. The individuals who have sustained brain injuries are losing time needed to correctly recover from the compounded problems that brain injury has given them.

Traumatic Brain Injury is often overlooked with physical assaults in Domestic Violence and go unreported with diagnoses of concussions after a medical examination. These individuals are often examined and released from emergency rooms or little questioning is done in private medical offices. To understand concussion is to understand that a concussion is a brain being hurt and injured and leading to a possibly of damage occurring or having occurred. A concussion does not have to occur to have a traumatic brain injury, concussion is symptom as is passing out or loss of consciousness from an impact or hit to or from a solid object.

The physical assault is viewed by many politicians and agencies and "untouchable" as it would avalanche issues within the woman movement, criminal justice, family court, mental health agencies and centers as well as community groups. Brain Injury within Domestic Violence is viewed as too political an issue to deal with. Because of this, many women and children and yes men as well, are misdiagnosed with other than correct than diagnosis's of Traumatic Brain Injury. Traumatic Brain Injury is not a young or old occurrence, it is age, gender and generation blind.

I am often asked "How does domestic violence cause traumatic brain injury?" I would like you to think about the question and ask yourself, "How not?"

Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by an impact to the brain. Simply said; the brain itself hitting the inside of the skull, stretching of the tissues and scrapping of cells, bouncing of the brain back and forth, from side to side of the skull and/or around the skull. These injuries have symptomologies that often overlap with other diagnoses but with exceptions. These symptomologies and the result of correct diagnoses is only seen with correct neuropsych evaluations and executed by expert professional experts in the field of acquired brain injury.

Understanding traumatic brain injury is to understand that it is an acquired brain injury and not born with the various problematic deficits. These deficits can be: speech, communication (verbal and written abilities), balance, walking, standing, hearing (reduced or heightened) , vision (blurred, double or partial), comprehension, behavior, mental attitude, impatience, depression, irritability, disassociation, antisocial behavior, misplaced anger, the need to be alone more often, lack of interest (in family, close friends, work, hobbies), to name a few.

Brain Injury Society counseling is available in Brooklyn and Manhattan (Queens and Staten Island soon). Call 718 645-4401, or click feedback button to set up an appointment for an assessment tools, counseling (individual, family or group) or discuss your situation or crisis.

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