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 brain injury society
Website: www.BISociety.org
Brain Injury Society Bikur Cholim--Click Here

19 West 34th Street
Suite Penthouse
Between 5th and 6th Avenue
Manhattan, NY


BI Society Website
Serving Acquired (Includes Traumatic)
Brain Injured Individuals and Their Families

Mailing & Billing Address Only:
1901 Avenue N - Suite 5E
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Clinicial and Administrative Office:
1517 Voorhies Avenue - Suite 1G
Btwn Sheepshead Bay & Q Train Station
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Telephone & Helpline: 718-645-4401

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What Does Your Membership Include?

Benefits and Discounts - Access to health insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance and other services from Brain Injury Society.

Advocacy and Information - A voice in Washington and in your state, representing you on issues like Medicare, Social Security and consumer safety.

Advice for Living Well - Expert advice on healthy living, financial planning, consumer protection, and caring for parents.

Find it All Online! - Everything you need to make Brain Injury membership work for you is online at www.bisociety.org.


 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Educational programs to encourage learning and development

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Maintenance programs to promote self esteem and stabilization of strategies and techniques learned from rehabilitation program training.

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Peer Resource Support Groups in New York City Boroughs and in Downstate New York

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Complete Healing Center

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Vocational programs for survivors to learn new skills, develop new techniques and strategies, coping strategies and maintain ones that have been successfully incorporated into life of the brain injured individual and family members. 

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Individual counseling programs to deal with trauma of brain injury, disease or illness.

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Networking groups for recovered brain injured individuals and family.

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Medical, psychological, psychiatric evaluations and counseling


 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Regular scheduled public symposia

 checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Topics include focus on

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Speaker's Bureau

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Peer Resource Support Groups

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Referrals to medical, neuropsychologists, pharmachologists, rehabilitation hospitals and facilities and multidiscipline therapists

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) Networking with recovered brain injured individuals, families, professionals

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Professional Membership Resource Director

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) National and International Chapters

  checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Plus

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