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Website: www.BISociety.org
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19 West 34th Street
Suite Penthouse
Between 5th and 6th Avenue
Manhattan, NY

Specialty Pages

BI Society Website
Serving Acquired (Includes Traumatic)
Brain Injured Individuals and Their Families

Mailing & Billing Address Only:
1901 Avenue N - Suite 5E
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Clinicial and Administrative Office:
1517 Voorhies Avenue - Suite 1G
Btwn Sheepshead Bay & Q Train Station
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Telephone & Helpline: 718-645-4401

Ask Our Doctors--If you have a question for one of our physicians, you can e-mail us by clicking on the "Ask the Doctor" below. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, age of brain injured individual, date that brain injury occured, area of brain injury, date of last medical visit, managing physician's name, and your question.We will e-mail you an answer to your question as quickly as possible. We will not answer any mail that does not include ALL of the information indicated.
Visit the following specialty pages. If you click on the specialty it takes you directly to information on that subject. If you click on the names, you will be able to ask a question or give us some feedback.

Specialty Pages

Advocacy, Referrals, Support Services --K. Menucha Fogel, BS, SDS

Bone, Joint, Muscle and Spine Problems--Bruce M. Solitar, MD

Community Issues--Lisa Ganzi

Epilepsy--Daniel Luciano, MD

Legal Advocacy and Issues--Edward Steinberg, Esq.

Lyme Disease, Organic Brain Diseases and Disorders--
Leonard Diller, PhD and Leo Shea, PhD

Medications & Counseling

Neurology & Stroke--Ludmilla Bronfin, MD

Neuropsychological Issues, Cognitive Rehabilitation--Leonard Diller, PhD

Physiatry--Rehabilitation Medicine, Brain Tumors, TBI, Stroke--Edwin F. Richter, MD

Paul Berger-Gross, PhD and Joan Gold, MD

Psychological Issues/Lobe Disorders
Paul Berger-Gross, PhD
Leonard Diller, PhD
Mark Ylivasker, PhD

Speech and Communication Disorders and Executive Functioning--
Mark Ylvisaker, PhD

Substance Abuse and Brain Injury
Medication Overuse and Medication Dependence--
Harold Lifshutz

Support Groups--K. Menucha Fogel, BS, SDS

Vestibular (Balance) Problems--Edwin Richter, MD

Vision Rehabilitation --Neera Kapoor, MS, OD

Committee Activity

Continuing Medical Credits
Allen Bennett, MD and Edwin Richter, MD

K. Menucha Fogel, BS, SDS,SW

Rose Lynn Sherr, PhD, Chair
K. Menucha Fogel, BS, SDS
Bruce Solitar, MD
Edward Steinberg, Esq.

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Ads & Rates | Feedback | Specialty Pages | About TBI | About Us | Links | Government | Goals

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