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 brain injury society
Website: www.BISociety.org
Brain Injury Society Bikur Cholim--Click Here

19 West 34th Street
Suite Penthouse
Between 5th and 6th Avenue
Manhattan, NY

BI Society Website
Serving Acquired (Includes Traumatic)
Brain Injured Individuals and Their Families

Mailing & Billing Address Only:
1901 Avenue N - Suite 5E
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Clinicial and Administrative Office:
1517 Voorhies Avenue - Suite 1G
Btwn Sheepshead Bay & Q Train Station
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Telephone & Helpline: 718-645-4401


newBrain Power Eases Pain... NY Daily News Article Online

Advocacy, Counseling, Supportive Services
1890 E 5th St Suite 3S (Sam) Brooklyn, NY 11223
North Shore University Hospital at Forest Hills, Queens, NY
Phone: 718-645-4401


Clinical and Faculty Referrals; Assessment Need Intake and Evaluations;
Cognitive Remediation; Peer Resource Support Groups
Counseling: Individual, Family, Peer Group,
Domestic Violence Trauma Counseling, Rape Counseling,
Buddy Mentoring; Advocacy Assistance: Insurance Appeals,
Medical/Physician Communications,
Board of Education Support Services, Medicare Waiver Program
Clinical Internship: Social Work
Business Internships: Management, Media/Public Relations,
Event Coordination, Computer Graphics

Contact Today: 718-645-4401

Kayla Menucha Fogel, BS-SDS, SW, Carmella Chapman BS


Applications Available Through

Are you aware that as a disabled individual you are entitled to waiver programs that will help you support yourself or allow you to continue you education. Many unknown government programs are afforded to you through your classification as a Medicaid and/or Medicare Insured. Little is known about these waiver programs. All of us desire to be self-supporting, independent, and never failing short of a positive self-esteem, which all too often a disability does not allow.

Brain Injury Society Specialists will assist you in choosing the best waiver for your needs. The choice of waiver is with the governments' blessing and without fear of losing your desperately needed insurance. Many of these programs will assist you with household needs, assistive devices, transportation that possibly low you to return to work, attend a vocational institution, retrain skills, train for new skills or advance education levels.

Do not hesitate - Contact the Brain Injury Society - Today at 718-645-4401 or seek out our website at www.BISociety.org for a qualitative lifestyle, you are yearning. Carmela, Leah or Menucha will meet with you.

We are here to help you!

Teen Peer Group Support Group: Ages 13-18, Facilitator: Julie Cohen, 718-645-4401, Warm Nurturing Confidential Environment, Monday 6:30 PM

Topic Discussions: Torn apart by my parents divorce/separation, I feel alone in a crowd, Parent relationships, Sibling rivalry, Pressures of school, Feeling different, Peer relations, Making friends again, Keeping friendship when my best friends get hurt, Not a good student as my parents want me to be, My parents are embarrassed by my difficulties, I'm compared to my brother-sister-cousin, I'm different and don't want to be.

Meets at 1890 E 5th St Suite 3S (Sam) Brooklyn, NY 11223

Sponsored Brain Injury Society, Bikur Cholim Merkaz Refuah Shelama

Brain Injury Society Opens Emergency Relief Fund for
Victims of Terrorists Acts on the United States of America (PDF format)

Mental Health Professionals are now available to respond to all individuals, family members, and the public who have been affected directly or indirectly by the tragedy and horrific events surrounding the World Trade Center. We are here to help. Call our office today to assist with your needs 718 645-4401.

newBrain Injury Trauma Counseling Center
Domestic Violence and Crisis Intervention

newBrain Power Eases Pain...NY Daily News Article Online

Conferences, Forums, Symposia, Workshops - CLICK HERE
Brain Injury Society Membership Form--Get reader
(This form MUST be printed and mailed--it is not electronic!)


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